12 Roald Place, Leumeah: Where Dreams Find Solid Ground

  • murari_lamsal
  • October 2, 2023

In the realm of real estate, some opportunities are like stars aligning – rare, dazzling, and transformative. We’re here to tell you about one such opportunity that has recently found its lucky new owner. But first, let’s dive into what made 12 Roald Place, Leumeah so special and why it was a coveted gem in the real estate world.

The Canvas of Dreams: A 500sqm Plot of Potential

Imagine a place where you can build not just a house but your dream home. This property presented an incredible 500sqm canvas, ready to be transformed into the living space you’ve always envisioned. With a generous 16.85m frontage and no easements to restrict your creativity, this land was a blank slate for your architectural dreams.

Location That Defines Convenience and Comfort

Leumeah, a highly sought-after neighborhood, is where this dream plot of land found its home. And it’s not just any neighborhood; it’s a place where convenience and comfort harmonize beautifully.

Educational Oasis

For families, the advantage of esteemed educational institutions within walking distance cannot be overstated. It’s a parent’s dream come true – knowing that top-notch schools and colleges are right around the corner.

Retail Paradise

Retail therapy enthusiasts would have reveled in the luxury of shopping facilities just a short stroll away. From bustling malls to charming boutiques and well-stocked supermarkets, every shopping need was catered to with ease.

Effortless Commuting

Getting around was a breeze thanks to excellent public transport options in close proximity. Whether it was hopping on a bus or catching a train, seamless connectivity to the rest of the city was guaranteed.

The Next Chapter Begins

Now that this property has found its new owner, it’s time for a new chapter to unfold. Congratulations to both the vendors and the buyers on sealing this deal. It’s not just a property transaction; it’s the beginning of a new journey.

But don’t despair if you missed out on this particular opportunity. The world of real estate is full of surprises, and your dream home might be just around the corner, waiting for you to make it your own.

For those who have caught the real estate bug and are itching to explore more possibilities, reach out to Murari Lamsal at 0433 755 012 or Suprem Lamsal at 0426 577 272. They are your trusted guides in the realm of real estate, ready to help you find the property that will make your dreams come true.

So, stay tuned, keep dreaming, and remember, in the world of real estate, there’s always another star waiting to shine bright for you.